What We Offer

BlackPrint Education Consulting supports districts, schools, and partner organizations to develop and execute the competencies, policies, practices, and structures necessary to produce educational equity and excellence for historically marginalized student populations, especially those of African or indigenous descent. BP also advises private firms, corporations, governmental entities, and NGOs in their development and delivery of programs, products, and services for these students.

We provide Executive Coaching that guides leaders’ implementation of the lessons covered in our professional development sessions and/or the steps necessary to build a staff’s capacity on the path to becoming a more critically aware, equitable, responsive organization. We provide the teaching, template, and strategy to facilitate transformative leadership. We provide the guidance, supports, and tools to help leaders transform their organizations.

We provide School Audits that investigate classroom instruction, family engagement, instructional materials, public-facing documents, school climate, school policies and structures, staff behaviors, and teacher-student interactions. The audit culminates in a written report accompanied by a presentation that features key recommendations and areas of priority for school improvement, especially regarding cultural responsiveness, racial equity, and stakeholder engagement.

We provide Organization Audits (for corporate clients) that investigate how intersectional and intercultural dynamics affect broader organizational culture, climate, and productivity. The audit culminates in a written report accompanied by a presentation that features key recommendations and areas of priority for company improvement, especially regarding leadership approaches, staffing decisions, and alignment of the firm’s workstreams with anti-racist, equitable principles.

Professional Development

We offer more than 25 critical, informative, thought-provoking Professional Development Experiences on a range of topics from Race, Culture, Instruction, Organizational Design, Executive Leadership, and Systems Management. We facilitate the co-construction of tangible, equitable, strategic solutions that are outcomes driven.

Session titles include:

  • What Do Race & Culture Have to Do with Instruction and School Function?

  • Critical Pedagogy: Design, Implementation, Assessments, and Evaluation

  • The Politics of Bilingual Instruction in the United States

  • The Ecology of Organizational Equity

  • Is Your Non-Profit Strategically Empowering or Developing Dependency in Your Constituency?

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Who We Are

Dr. Hayden Frederick-Clarke, Founder & CEO

Dr. Hayden Frederick Clarke, EdD; University of Pennsylvania
Hayden Frederick-Clarke, the founder of BlackPrint, was the Director of Strategy of the Opportunity Gap Office of Boston Public Schools and prior to that was the district’s first Director of Cultural Proficiency. His relentless advocacy in the latter role, along with the strategic prowess of his partner, Dr. Colin Rose, indirectly led to the creation of The Equal Earth Projection, the most accurate world-map to date. Before joining district administration, he was a high-school Math instructor for 9 years as well as a co-founder and the principal designer of an innovative, culturally responsive alternative-education program that serves over-age, under-credited students. His passion for student excellence and steadfast effort to make his Math lessons “speak” to his students’ realities earned him the Facing History and Ourselves “Facing History Together” Teacher Recognition Award” in 2014 out of an international pool of nominees.

An avid writer, Mr. Frederick-Clarke recently contributed to Critical Leadership Praxis for Educational and Social Change. In 2020, his work also appeared in TheRoot.com and the University of Pennsylvania’s journal, Perspectives on Urban Education. He also authored The 7 Forms of Bias Protocol - a tool that guides practitioners through the identification of and engagement with bias in curricular materials. Dr. Frederick-Clarke earned his doctorate in Education and Organizational Leadership from the University of Pennsylvania in August, 2020. His study examined the lingering effects and consequences of European colonialism on a school in Trinidad and Tobago.

Dr. Colin Rose, President & Co-Founder

Dr. Colin Rose, the co-founder of BlackPrint, was the Assistant Superintendent of the Opportunity Gaps Office of the Boston Public Schools for nearly five years wherein he was able to build a heralded legacy of effective systemic initiatives, professional development, groundbreaking policies, and meaningful programming. Dr. Rose’s leadership and equity innovations have been featured in multiple journals and media outlets including a feature in Boston Magazine in the Spring of 2019.

Before his tenure as Assistant Superintendent, Dr. Rose was a lead teacher for 10 years. With his attention to data, cultural responsiveness, and an emphasis on students applying their knowledge in real-life contexts, he was able to foster among the very highest student growth in middle-school Mathematics scores in Massachusetts in his last three years of service. He earned his doctorate in Leadership in Urban Schools at the University of Massachusetts Boston where he later served as a lecturer, crafting and delivering courses on culture and pedagogy for master’s and doctoral candidates.

Dr. Rose’s unique success in achieving striking victories in culture- and policy-shifts in a large urban school district, despite what the Combahee River Collective aptly calls “reactionary vested-power interests”, has led leaders from businesses, non-profits, and school districts nationwide to seek his counsel on how to change the directions and climates of their organizations.

Sophia Boyer, VP of Portfolio Management

Sophia Boyer taught and led within K-12 education sectors for fifteen years. She served as an administrator and, ultimately, principal of what was formerly Massachusetts’ only African-centered public school. More recently, was an Instructional Coach in Boston Public Schools’ Excellence for All program - a role which involved her steering the instructional vision, quality, and curricula of fourteen schools.

Ms. Boyer now invests her time in Africanist curriculum design, the development of genuine Culturally Responsive Pedagogy, and socio-organizational planning and evaluation. Her work includes guiding organizations through a power analysis that seeks to undermine longstanding Eurocentric narratives, challenge the culture of White Supremacy, and illuminate the impacts of Race and racism on systems, institutions, organizations, and individuals.

Born in Haiti, Ms. Boyer regularly lends her expertise to grassroots NGOs in her former home. Because of her potent feeling of solidarity with all peoples of the Global South, she founded and leads Yo’o Guatemala, a widely recognized non-profit that provides support for education, nutrition, community development, and sustainable farming for indigenous peoples in Guatemala. Ms. Boyer earned her Master’s degree in Human Development and Urban Education at Wheelock College and is currently pursuing a doctorate in Higher Education Administration at Regis College with a focus on African tertiary education in the Global South.

Lissette Castillo, Managing Director of Professional Learning

Lissette Castillo is currently the Director of Amigos Community School in Cambridge, MA. Prior, she served as the Equity Coordinator for the Cambridge Educators Association. During her nearly 14-year tenure as a high school Spanish teacher, as well as in her work as a consultant to non-profit organizations in the Boston area, including the influential “Sociedad Latina”, she distinguished herself as an adept curriculum developer. Ms. Castillo is the recipient of multiple awards and honors, including selection to the National Afterschool Association’s Emerging Leaders of Color 2019-2020 cohort; nomination to be an EdTalk presenter in 2017; and winning the Technology Goes Home "Teacher of the Year" Award in 2009.

Ms. Castillo has a steadfast commitment to the liberation and self-determination of African and indigenous peoples. Accordingly, she is zealous about challenging and fighting racial inequalities in education in part through the development of culturally relevant or responsive curricula that are family- and youth-driven. She also believes in creative instruction that extends beyond the classroom’s walls and has devised experiential-learning projects that explore the Mississippi Delta, the Dominican Republic, and Honduras. Ms. Castillo holds two master’s degrees from Tufts University in Teaching and in Public Policy, respectively.

Why Contract With Us

We have a track record of developing, implementing, and executing effective transformative policies, structures, programs, and curricula in a large urban school district. Our wealth of knowledge as educators led to the articulation of important new conceptual perspectives and methodologies in culturally responsive practices in a politically rife environment. The BP team possesses well over 60 years of combined experience in the education sector at every level from pre-K to doctoral-level graduate study. Our team members have modeled bold, critical, progressive leadership with palpable results across those arenas in multiple roles from adjunct professorship to classroom teaching to school leadership to Central Office leadership,including:

  1. The creation of the “Culturally and Linguistically Sustaining Practices Continuum” for school-based personnel;

  2. The revamp and expansion of the Exam School Initiative;

  3. The launch of the Opportunity Index;

  4. The stewardship of the Excellence for All program;

  5. The design of a Racial Equity Tool;

  6. The assignment of school-specific teacher diversity targets;

  7. The development of highly rigorous, critical, culturally responsive curriculum designed to meet the needs of 21st century students;

  8. The construction and implementation of an overarching equity plan, replete with an implementation process of concrete goals and objectives, that was ultimately commissioned by the Boston School Committee.

We are school, system, and pedagogy design experts. Our professional development sessions and products deal squarely with racism because it intimately and inestimably shapes schooling in Europe’s former colonies. That said, we do not merely focus on Race and racism, nor do we seek mere mindset shifts of our clients. Instead, we are preoccupied with tangible systemic change, the alteration of organizations’ cultures, and critical analyses of their “theories in use”. In service of that aim we bear a wealth of experience and expertise in systematizing creative, culturally responsive, and equitable instruction, practices, policies, and structures in every facet of a school system.

Attleboro (MA) Public Schools
Chelsea (MA) Public Schools
City Year Boston
Department of Secondary and Elementary Education of Massachusetts
Everett (MA) Public Schools
Jacksonville (FL) Public Schools
Lowell (MA) Public Schools
Martha's Vineyard (MA) Public Schools
Millbury (MA) Public Schools
Northampton (MA) Public Schools
Randolph (MA) Public Schools
Sandwich (MA) Public Schools
Spencer-East Brookfield (MA) School District
Ware (MA) Public Schools
Weymouth (MA) Public Schools
Wellesley (MA)Public Schools

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